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About MH Wines exclusive Terroirs

MH Wines allows you to experience online exclusive wines shopping, from all over the world, guided by experts’ advice and simple and fun explanations for you to better understand what you’re buying. Quality wines will not be reserved for insiders anymore.





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MH Wines represents some of the most well established, family-owned properties, as well as a new generation of winemakers who are dedicated to innovation and high quality. We work directly with the producers – without intermediaries.

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My story

I was born and raised in the Loire Valley, a beautiful wine region in France. I was named after one of France’s most interesting wines, Margaux.

I was a basic wine drinker. I wanted to learn more about wine so that I could purchase wines of higher quality. Because I didn’t know anything, I only bought wines from Bordeaux and the Loire region.

I became interested in wines after doing some research, and decided to take WSET levels 1, 2, and 3 to improve my knowledge. I also traveled to different wine-producing regions (Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands) to learn more about how wine is made. I moved to the Netherlands a few years ago and started MH Wines because I wanted to make wine more approachable for people like me who are new to the wine industry.

The wine world is very special and is unfortunately mostly frequented by experts. I want people to appreciate all the great wines available from all over the world even if they don’t know so much about wine.

MH Wines wants you to explore wines from all over the world. Even If I am French and I love french wines,  I really want people to open their horizons and see how many other beautiful wines exist around the world.

Margaux’s passion and enthusiasm for wine is contagious. She has a deep respect and love for the people and nature behind the wine making, which makes every drop more special. Margaux is a bright, approachable and trustworthy businesswoman who does her utmost to accommodate both consumers and businesses.

Margaux is the name for one of the best wine in the the world. Born and raised in France and with the love for wines and food, Miss Margaux Hyacinthe knew from a very young age that she wanted to be in the wine business. It is with the same passion and ambition how she runs her business. She selects her wines with professionals in the wine trade but a panel of unbiased consumers are also part of her tasting team. The respect she has for her clients together with her enthusiastic and energetic personality is a reflection of what you can expect from her wines.

Fantastic! I'm not a wine expert and I usually buy wines that are on sale at the local grocery shop. I was looking for better wine for my family dinner and I ended up on this website. It was easy to select the wine I needed since the description is very detailed and accurate. The wines were delivered very fast and I was happy I could explain to my family what kind of wine we were drinking, although I know little about wines. Since then I have been buying here when looking for better wines.

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